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The Integrus Process

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What’s Holding You Back?

Create a Plan

Maximize Impact.


Get specific about how you and your team can grow.

Take action that will really make a difference.

Accelerate leadership & maximize Kingdom impact.

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How do you build a healthy culture?

Successful leadership and thriving ministries start with healthy leaders and productive cultures. If you are looking for a way to cultivate your team’s potential, this dynamic, participatory, one-day workshop is for you. We will focus on practical skills to amplify your team’s impact, communication, and effectiveness, and each person will walk away with a customized action plan to leverage their strengths and overcome their constraints.

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Your leadership at the next level

You’ve made the brave decision to lead a church, plant a church, launch a nonprofit, or spearhead a ministry area. Your ability to lead and willingness to serve got you to this place, but you know there’s more. How do you take your leadership to the next level so you can lead others to their next level of impact? A coach can help you pinpoint the right strategy and gain the clarity you need.

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Right people in the right seats


Hiring is hard, risky, and expensive. (Sigh.) After interviews, background checks, and reference calls, you think you’ve found your person. Then a few months in, you realize your new hire isn’t quite what you’d imagined. They just aren’t bringing the “A-Game” you thought they would. You see it and so does your team. Friend, it doesn’t have to be this way! Finally, there’s a proven way to get the right people in the right seat.

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Your team’s health dictates your organizational impact


FREE COURSE: Learn to navigate the choppy waters of team dynamics and gain tools to grow the teams you lead. The mission is just too important, and your call is too strong to miss the mark in maximizing your team’s impact.

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