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How will your team benefit?


If each person on your team doesn’t have a clear, repeatable understanding of how they are working to overcome their personal constraints, and a specific strategy to align their time and efforts to build intentional culture and mobilize your mission, your team’s impact is not being fully realized.

We know when your influence and impact grow, the Kingdom grows. Our in-person experiences will help assess your needs, accelerate your growth, and develop a roadmap to greater effectiveness. We know events in and of themselves do not change lives, but we are convinced meaningful conversations can.

Our simple, research-based tools and processes are more impacting than anything you’ve experienced. We know your time is a precious commodity, so we will hit the ground running, providing concrete takeaways in a fun, interactive context.

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Successful leadership and thriving ministries start with healthy leaders and productive cultures. If you are looking for a way to cultivate your team’s potential, this dynamic, participatory, one-day workshop is for you. We will focus on the concept of individual leadership and providing practical skills to amplify your team’s impact, communication, and effectiveness. Each person will complete The Flippen Profile, a 360-degree behavioral assessment, in advance, and at the end of our day together, they will walk away with a customized action plan to leverage their strengths and overcome their constraints.

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Your One-Day Leadership Breakthrough


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Most leaders agree that while their team is productive and effective in many ways, their impact isn’t fully being realized. There’s potential for more, they just aren’t sure how to tap into it, and difficult team dynamics or organizational challenges often complicate things. So, how do you identify what’s really holding your team back? And, once you know, what do you do about it? This one-day workshop builds on the value of your team’s individual Flippen Profiles by compiling a Leadership Data Report highlighting your team’s overall strengths and pinpointing constraints - the specific things holding your team back. Using this insight, you will create a Team TrAction Plan for intentional growth, and to ensure the momentum reaches beyond the people in the room, we will arm your team with the strategies required to win in the areas of empowerment and accountability.

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 Your One-Day Organizational Breakthrough


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Can each person on your team name your ministry’s top five priorities for this year? What about the vision for five years down the road? Most teams have some sort of vision in place, and most leaders start the year with a handful of goals in mind, but our plans fall apart (or are forgotten) when we don’t get crystal-clear on where we are going and how we are going to get there. If your vision and goals aren’t directly translating into specific actions across your team today, tomorrow, and next week, you are paying a high opportunity cost (i.e. time, dollars, and impact), and when your bottom line is about the Kingdom, it’s probably costing you more than you know. Integrus’ Strategic Breakthrough experience is revolutionary because it fully aligns your team around your mission, core values, and vision while creating a framework for accelerated strategic action.

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 Your Two-Day Strategic Breakthrough


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My experience with Integrus has been life-changing and ministry-saving.
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