Hiring Solutions

Get the right people in the right seats.

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 Great teams are made up of great people


Hiring is hard, risky, and expensive. (Sigh.) After interviews, background checks, and reference calls, you think you’ve found your person. Then, a few months in, you realize your new hire isn’t quite what you’d imagined. They just aren’t bringing the “A-Game” you thought they would. You see it and so does your team, but now what? What could you have done differently? Friend, it doesn’t have to be this way! Finally, there’s a proven way to get the right people in the right seat. Wondering about the people you already have or a recent hire that you want to really put in the fast lane? Well, we’ve got you covered there too.


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 Select, Grow, and Keep Great People

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Explore the candidate’s key strengths and what
could hold them back before they join your team.

  • Once you have your final candidates, we will run Flippen Profiles, 360-degree assessments, on each of them

  • Our coach will conduct an in-depth debrief on your candidates with your specific desires and needs in mind

  • We will assess the degree of cultural match and fit on
    your team

  • Recommend basic coaching tips for each candidate, so you have a starting place to maximize their talent

Note: Hiring Solutions is not designed to be an all-inclusive hiring process, but it is a great compliment to a thorough hiring process.


Maximize your new staff’s potential from day one.

  • Our coach will facilitate a 60-minute debrief of a customized Coaching Insights Report using insights from the Flippen Profile as well as information regarding your team’s culture and needs

  • We will emphasize the individual’s strongest motivators and demotivators

  • We will provide insights concerning their internal wiring and make recommendations on effective communication strategies

  • You will receive dynamic, practical tips on how to coach and encourage your team member to help them excel starting from day one